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Energy Healing Mastery Program

Saturday, July 29

3:00 pm - 5:30 pm


Energy Healing is a powerful meditation healing tool. Mandy Gatlin will instill and activate healing frequencies within you to raise your energy vibration and transform your abilities and gifts, helping you achieve success. Accelerate healing and abundance in all areas of your life, health, wealth, relationships and spirituality. Join Mandy and elevate your vibration by harnessing the mastermind of the group.


Mandy Gatlin was gifted with intuitive and healing abilities since she was a little girl. She has trained with meditation and energy healers from all over the world. Mandy works on the core spirit level to help reprogram your energy, materializing fast and tangible results. She works with people all over the world helping them manifest healing and abundance in their lives.

Website: www.discoveryourenergy.com

E-mail: mandyg333@yahoo.com

Phone: 909-303-0314

Fee: $25

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