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Where to Begin?

An Exploration on finding Your Spiritual Path

Saturday, October 12

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

This session is inspired by a question that was asked of me in one of my workshops and healing sessions. “Where should I begin, Archana?” I contemplated on this simple statement and went back and meditated on how I should answer this simple yet profound question. In reflection I realized that I was tapping into my own journey and how and where I had begun exploring spirituality, tools that helped me, guidance that I received, various paths that I explored along my quest – for I was on my own Hero’s Journey. I was on a quest on finding the Elixir of Life ~ Amrit.

All Spiritual Paths are sacred, divine and unique; and it all begins with spiritual awakening. No two are alike and no two will ever be the same. Honoring the sacredness of the journey is the foundation of all my sessions. This is a very conversational style session where I will share my insights, guidance and tools that helped me during awakening. I will open the floor in the second half of the session for open questions that you are seeking guidance or reflection on.

How to prepare? Bring yourself! Open your mind and energy to new perspectives! Bring a journal / notebook for perhaps some spontaneous inspiration!

Limit 13

Energy Exchange: $13


Archana channels Divine Energy of love and light to help all in need. She is an advanced Pranic healer, Pranic psychotherapist, crystal healer and an intuitive oracle reader. It is her passion and life purpose to provide spiritual guidance to help others on their sacred journey. She uses various healing modalities intuitively to empower and rejuvenate others to live a life of their dreams.

Email: divinehealing813@gmail.com

Phone: (909) 967-9012

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