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Inner Priestess Awakening – Goddess Circle

Saturday, February 9

12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Limit: 12

Energy Exchange: $33

The High Priestess is your inner knowing with the feminine power of intuition and psychic awareness. She draws on the secrets and unspoken wisdom of the universe. She understands the mysteries of the world. You are empowered as the High Priestess when you listen to the internal wisdom and trusting your inner voice. The Priestess within holds great powers of transformation.  When the Priestess rises and awakens, she opens our eyes to our medicine, our gifts and our path.  

This is a NEW series that I am bringing for connecting with the Sacred Energy of the High Priestess and each session will have a unique expression and unfoldment. You will discover your own priestess expression through music,movement, journaling, art.  In each session we will explore a different area and a different form of expression. We will practice tapping into our intuition through Tarot. As your intuition deepens you will open yourself to the world and realm of symbolism. We will come together in the Sacred Circle as Divine Feminines and share our individual spiritual journeys.

Limit 12:

Energy Exchange: $33


Archana channels Divine Energy of love and light to help all in need. She is an advanced Pranic healer, Pranic psychotherapist, crystal healer and an intuitive oracle reader. It is her passion and life purpose to provide spiritual guidance to help others on their sacred journey. She uses various healing modalities intuitively to empower and rejuvenate others to live a life of their dreams.

Email: divinehealing813@gmail.com

Phone: (909) 967-9012

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