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"New Moon Wishes and Affirmations" Workshop

Thursday, December 26 - 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Space is limited - Reserve you spot now!

 Every month at the time of the New Moon is a great time to write down your wishes, harnessing the new moon's power to help make your desires a reality! Each month the moon is in a different astrological sign and will have several different focus areas to help with your specific wishes, such as money, romance, career, health, and so on. You will participate in a few different exercises to help optimize your dreams coming true. This new moon will be in Virgo.

Fee: $11


My workshops and classes are meant to explore the complexity of the human / spiritual / earth / cosmic relationships we have, by participating and learning about ourselves and others, though guided meditations, yoga, art, astrology, chakra work, reflection, and affirmations. My hope is to inspire you on your path.

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