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Emotional Freedom Technique Workshop & Meditation

Tapping into Relieving Stress

Monday, October 21

6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Tapping into Relieving our Stress

In this Workshop & Meditation, we will be tapping into Relieving our Stress. We will be addressing the stressors that affect us daily and how we cope with these and how to let them go. Tapping into traumatic experiences, memories, insecurities, limiting beliefs and conflicting emotions that hold us back. Moving towards a Stress-free life is a feeling I believe we all want we just not know how to achieve an Optimal life!

Seating is limited

Fee: Pre-sale: $20, day of: $25


Libby Zona has been a massage therapist and energy healer since 2010. Her focus is on healing trauma and teaching people that we all have the ability to heal and love ourselves. Showing people that they can bring themselves into balance. Shedding light on emotional, physical and spiritual issues. Doing this work brings an honest and pure joy to me as I am honored to empower and guide all people on their journey of life. My wish is to continually guide you to your energetic balance, and holistic living.

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