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International award winning flute musician Steven Rushingwind will be facilitating two of his popular Native American Flute workshops. The flute is an easy instrument to learn and is very portable to play in nature or during yoga instruction. The process of playing the Native American Flute can help with healing ones soul by using it as a tool for journaling. The first class will introduce you to the flute and the basic notes and finger placement. A High Spirit Flute is included in the price of the class. The second class will continue the journey of learning how to play and integrate electronics. You will need to bring your own flute to the second class, preferably in the key of A minor.  

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Journey With the Flute

Sunday, March 29

11:00 am - 1:00 pm


*  $35

* I will bring my own flute in the key of A minor

Continuing the Journey With the Flute

Sunday, March 29

4:30 pm - 6:30 pm


Steven Rushingwind is a world renowned Award Winning Native American Flute player. His music transcends you to another place and is often used for meditation and yoga. Steven, a Pomona native, has been playing the flute since he was a child. He has released nine albums which are played worldwide. Two albums won Native American Music Awards and he was a finalist in Canada for Entertainer of the Year. He recently facilitated a retreat in Hawaii with Mind Body Aloha Retreats helping participants find their voice with the flute and how to use the flute as a journaling tool.