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Healing Arts Practitioner Certification

Begins Wednesday, January 9 through February 27, 2019

Become a Certified Healing Arts Practitioner.

This original Healing Arts Practitioner and Holistic Health Consultant Certification course was designed by Joanne (LaMorandier) Dinsmore in 1996 at her Claremont Healing Arts Center, Ca. and taught to students from around the world.

Space is limited so reserve your space with a deposit of $100

($50 cancellation fee applies)

Module One: 10 Weeks/ $320

 The human Energy Fields, Basic Anatomy, Identifying Aura and Chakra anomalies, Pendulum testing, Healing Imagery’s and Meditations, Yoga breath, mudras and chants, How to channel Chi, Decorating your smug feather, The 20 Chakra healing technique, The Polarity healing technique, Home study topics.

Module Two: 10 Weeks/ $295

Making Aromatherapy blends and Muscle Testing, Color Therapy, Localized Polarity healing technique, Magnetic directional healing technique, Shaman Stone healing technique, Long distance and group healing techniques.

Module Three: 10 Weeks/ $295 includes free Reiki 1 & 2 certification

Quartz Crystal healing layouts, Reflexology: Face, Hands, Feet and Immune system points, Sound healing technique, Mind-Body Dialogue, Negative Extraction healing technique, How to start a professional business, Certification exam and Ceremony, Reiki 1 & 2 ( 2 additional weeks ) for Reiki Practitioner Certification. (Reiki Master training available upon request.)


 Joanne Dinsmore is author of "Pathways to the Healing Arts" - a Home Study 'Healing Arts Practitioner' Certification Course-; Owner of the Claremont Healing Arts Center since 1994; Counselor; Hypnotherapist; Reiki Master; Holistic Health consultant; Teacher in various eastern practices. She has loved every gift and challenge in this life walk.

Phone: 626-802-0224

E-Mail: ClaremontHealingUSA@gmail.com

Website: ClaremontHealingUSA.com

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