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A Spiritual Practice: Mantras for Love, Peace, and Abundance

Sunday, March 31

11:00 am - 12:30 pm

This class will explain how to create a spiritual practice, using Sanskrit mantras. Students will learn about ancient rituals to expand love, peace, and abundance into their lives. Using malas, students will practice chanting the mantras 108 times. The mantras are based on the stories of Lakshmi and Radha. Students will learn about the mantras and create a personal spiritual practice.

Limit 11 people

Fee: $15


Tiffany Williams is the owner of Boutique Teas. Boutique Teas offers the ultimate premium loose leaf tea selection, and tea education lectures. For two years, Tiffany has practiced and learned about tea blending techniques. Tiffany writes articles for www.boutiqueteas.com and for www.tching.com about tea culture, tea leaf reading and tea history. Tiffany lectures at the annual Los Angeles Tea Lovers Festival.

E-Mail: tiffany@boutiqueteas.com

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