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Relationships: Thinking Outside the Box

Saturday, September 21

11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Gay, Straight, or Other. Single, Paired, or Other.

Whatever your situation, this workshop may give you some answers and ideas about what makes a loving relationship work. We will discuss the importance of separateness and personal growth, ideas about creating a relationship that suits your unique needs and style, and how the presenters have enjoyed being together for 33 years and continue to grow and delight in each other. We emphasize awareness, love, and even a bit of luck as key ingredients in making a relationship flourish.

Fee: $15


Rosemary L’Esprit, M.A. (Psychology) has a psychotherapy practice in Claremont. Her work with individuals is centered on healing the inner child in the quest of finding the true self. With a background in Jungian psychology, she brings a psychospiritual approach to her work. Rosemary has also been a play therapist, social worker, addictions agency director and planner.

Patricia Leigh Acuña is a multi-media artist who also has a background in elementary education. Growing up in her grandmother’s Mexican restaurant in Denver, she also showed an early talent for cooking and continues to create tasty cuisine.

Together, Patricia and Rosemary have given workshops on various topics over the years, as well as creating a successful vegetarian food business and a housekeeping service during eight years in Northern California. They have lived in Orange County, Mendocino, San Luis Obispo, Denver, and now Claremont in their thirty-three-year (so far) journey together. They feel grateful everyday that the Universe brought them together.

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