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Third Eye Chakra Workshop

“Doorway to Accessing Deeper Truths”

Sunday, May 5

12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Third Eye chakra is our Command Center.

Can you see the results of your past choices? Do you create future potential based on the lessons of the past? Third eye chakra allows you to see past directions that are influencing the present choices and future potentials. The gift of this chakra is integration. Seeing reality with clarity of the Higher Truths. Third Eye chakra is where we transcend duality between the individualized “I” as separate from the rest of the world. This chakra fuels our imaginations!

In this 2-hour workshop you will learn understand how self-awareness and reflection brings greater clarity to our lives. You will learn how to listen to the messages coming in from our higher selves. You will learn to trust your own inner guidance system. You will understand that YOU ARE THE CREATORS OF YOUR REALITY as you expand your perception.

Wear something Indigo, bring your favorite Indigo stone. Amethyst works really well with this chakra. If you don’t have a stone, I will provide crystals to use during the workshop for healing!

Come! Take charge of your command center and become conscious creators!

Limit: 13 people

Energy exchange: $44



Archana channels Divine Energy of love and light to help all in need. She is an advanced Pranic healer, Pranic psychotherapist, Crystal healer and an intuitive oracle reader. It is her passion and life purpose to provide Spiritual guidance to help others on their sacred journey. She uses various healing modalities intuitively to empower and rejuvenate others to live a life of their dreams.

Email: Divinehealing813@gmail.com

Phone: (909) 967-9012

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