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Merging Realities: Transcendentalism and the Wisdom of Self-care

Tuesday, November 19

6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Is your current self-care regime too complicated to actually put to good use? Are old, dated paradigm constraints holding you back from moving forward with new, more dynamic life goals? It's easy to "plug-in" and get caught up in the digital responses to the natural world we post in our virtual reality. But it's even easier to "tune-out" the Oversoul, where we connect to the divine forces of creation, perfecting plans, constructing paths to joy and directing elemental energies towards assisting us in our journey toward fulfillment on the metaphysical plane. Let's reconnect with our inherent, natural instincts. Rediscover our totem. Let's merge once again with the Oversoul and reclaim the powerful, creative energy of flawless manifestation that is our birthright! After a short meet/greet we will start our guided meditation that will consist of a relaxing induction, joyful reflection and path-clearing excercises that will refresh our outlook and renew our purpose. Short discussion will follow.

Fee: $13



Thor is a certified Hypnotherapist and has been practicing Astrological Birth Chart Reading and guiding group meditations for 10 years. He is currently offering his services Wednesday mornings at Buddhamouse Emporium.

E-Mail: thorsreadings@gmail.com

Phone: 909-626-3322

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