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UCLA-MAPs ll Cultivating Positive Emotions

Sept. 22-Nov. 3, 2019

Six Saturday’s 10:30am-12:30pm

MAPs II: Cultivating Positive Emotions

This MAPs II class emphasizes heart-based qualities that complement mindfulness and can be cultivated through meditation practices. We will explore the science and practice of how to develop more equanimity, kindness, generosity, compassion, and gratitude, in ways that allow us to begin right where we are in our lives, and right where we are in the moment. Far from 'fake it 'til you feel it', these practices, arising from mindfulness meditation contemplative traditions, are backed by science from research labs at Stanford, UC Berkeley, and the University of Wisconsin - Madison, among others. Learn how to naturally experience and express positive emotions that are our natural birthright, even amidst the turmoil of our times.

We will learn new meditations to develop these qualities, tools to work with when we find them ourselves stuck and not feeling positive emotions, and practical exercises to incorporate them into our daily life. This is a helpful expansion to our basic mindfulness practice.

Pre-registration Required: $200

Registration Now Open


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