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Aura Cleansing

Friday May 31

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

We are all interconnected and our energy field constantly interacts with the energy field of other beings and the environment and as such it is affected with pollution, air quality, water quality, food we eat and also our own emotional state. Just as we take care of our physical body, we need to take care of our energy body on regular basis. Aura Cleansing helps one bringing to a state of inner stillness. Benefits of regular aura energy cleansing include increased flow of your life-force energy, increased speed of your own healing process, clarity of mind, emotional stability, self-empowerment, feeling grounded, releasing fatigue and stress. Regular cleansing and rejuvenation of your aura is the fastest way of improving your quality of life and raising your vibration.This is a great opportunity for Chakra and aura energy cleanse as a maintenance regimen for your well-being.

Fee: $33 - Single class or $60 for both classes

Email, Call or click to Reserve your spot -

Max. 11 people

Raise your Vibration will be immediately after this event. If you would like to take both classes the cost is $60


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Raise Your Vibration

Friday May 31

7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Radiate your Internal Power by using the Law of Vibration to create a positive change in your life. Each sound, thought or thing has its own unique vibrational frequency. “Like attracts Like”. Vibrational energy attracts same/similar vibrational energy. If you are unhappy with where you are currently, you need to make a CONSCIOUS CHOICE to focus your energy on positive thinking and emotions to raise your vibration.

Our thoughts create our reality. Positive thoughts, belief systems influence our unconscious mind and activate our innate powers. Positive Affirmations reprogram our thought patterns, they change the way you think and feel about things.  In this 1-hour session, I will work on all 7 major chakras using sound vibrations and powerful resonant affirmations to replace dysfunctional beliefs with new positive beliefs.

You will experience positive shifts in your life because you have replaced dysfunctional beliefs with new positive beliefs. These guided focused affirmations through Archana’s energy field will bring healing in your own auric field ~ through Resonance, bringing positive shifts.

Radiate Positive Higher Vibration!

 Fee: $33 - Single class or $60 for both classes

Email, Call or click to Reserve your spot -

Max. 11 people, wear loose fitting clothes

If Single Class, enter from the back & Cash or Prepay only


Archana channels Divine Energy of love and light to help all in need. She is an advanced Pranic healer, Pranic psychotherapist, Crystal healer and an intuitive oracle reader. It is her passion and life purpose to provide Spiritual guidance to help others on their sacred journey. She uses various healing modalities intuitively to empower and rejuvenate others to live a life of their dreams.

Email: Divinehealing813@gmail.com

Phone: (909) 967-9012