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Voice of Light

Sunday, March 10, 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Space is limited to 14 - Reserve you spot now!

 In this immersive workshop, we will be exploring the world of sound by working with our own built in healing system, our voice. We will approach working with the voice as a meditation practice based on sensation, deep listening, and presence.

 These practices have the power to release stuck energies, helping to restore balance to our bodies, and to open our hearts to the joyful power of expression.

In this space, you are invited to rest in the voice as resonant light and devotion, as the sacred joyful dance of Spirit in Body. Simple and accessible. All levels of experience are welcome and encouraged. This is an introduction to a new way of approaching singing, and an opportunity to reclaim our voice as a great ally for personal fulfillment and nourishment. Please join us!

Exchange: $20

Facilitator Bio: Sika Takaya Cummings is a devotee of Sacred Sound. Her instrument of choice for experiencing and expressing Love, is the voice. Sika's offering is a blend of what she has learned from her teachers, as well as years of her own personal practice and discovery. She offers Sound Baths throughout the Southern California area as well as one on one voice embodiment sessions.

E-mail: 4loveandlight@gmail.com

Phone: (541) 622-5384

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